See You Again

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Shi Jian (Tiffany Tang), aged 31, is on a plane, en route to a meeting. But mid-flight, the aircraft is rocked by heavy turbulence. Frightened for her life, she blacks out. When she regains consciousness, she finds she is no longer on the plane…and is no longer 31, either!   Instead, she has been transported back 10 years into her own past and finds herself living as a 21-year-old university student all over again. However, she still recalls all of her memories from the future. She decides to put these memories to what she thinks will be good use…   She seeks out Ye Jia Cheng (Shawn Dou), the man whom she married after their university days, thinking it will improve their future relationship if they meet sooner the second time around.   However, it turns out that university-aged Ye Jia Cheng is a very different person to the man she met and fell in love with – the younger version of Ye Jia Cheng likes to play with women’s hearts! Will Shi Jian’s attempts improve the past – or jeopardize her future life? And will she fall in love with the man her future husband used to be?   “See You Again” is a 2019 Chinese drama series directed by Zhong Shu Jia.