River Flows to You

Cry Me A Sad River
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Growing up in the same neighborhood, Qi Ming (Ma Tian Yu) and Yi Yao (Zheng Shuang) were the best of friends. Always the protective older brother, Qi Ming spent his entire childhood wishing he could give Yi Yao the warm and caring family she spent her days dreaming of. An inseparable pair, the two never imagined a life in which the other wasn’t a part. As time passes, the bond between Qi Ming and Yi Yao only gets stronger. Helping her through a series of unfortunate events and challenging obstacles, Qi Ming finds himself slowly developing other, more intimate feelings for his lifelong friend but it’s not until he and Yi Yao graduate college and move away, that she admits those feelings are reciprocated. Unfortunately, the demanding nature of their careers soon gets in the way of their blossoming love. With no other choice, Qi Ming and Yi Yao are forced to separate, their dreams of a happy life together suddenly gone. But not all hope is lost, for life is like a flowing river and its course may lead to better things ahead. Based on one of China’s bestselling novels, “River Flows to You” is a 2019 romantic drama directed by Lin Hong Guang.