Under the Power

Emperor's Guard
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As the reign of the Ming Dynasty’s Jiajing Emperor approaches its end, trouble finds its way into the palace. Funds which had been set aside for the repairs of the river in Yangzhou, have disappeared. Commissioned by the emperor to investigate the incident, Lu Yi (Allen Ren), of the Jing Yi Wei, is determined to find those responsible and bring them to justice. But he’s not working this case alone. A talented constable in the secret police, Yuan Jin Xia (Tan Song Yun), is an obvious choice when it comes to assisting Lu Yi on the case. There’s just one problem, the hot-tempered constable has encountered Lu Yi in the past and the disagreement that followed is not one either has forgotten. Despite their less-than-pleasant past, the two must work together to find those responsible for the missing government funds. Putting their differences aside Lu Yi and Jin Xia learn to get along, making them a formidable team. As they dig deeper into the case, their feelings for each other begin to take root, eventually blossoming into a beautiful relationship. But all that comes crashing down when Jin Xia uncovers a dark and disturbing truth about her past. Adapted from the novel of the same name by Lan Se Shi, “Under the Power” is a 2019 historical mystery romance drama directed by Yin Tao.