Irreplaceable Love

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Life is tough for Li Chu Yao (Sun Yi). Her mother is in a very frail mental state, and when her younger brother dies in a tragic accident, Li Chu Yao finds herself at her wit’s end – worried that if her mother learns what has happened, she will be pushed over the edge. In a bid to preserve what is left of her mother’s sanity, Li Chu Yao turns to Li Luo Shu (Bai Jing Ting), an orphan who lives across the street from the family house, for help. Her plan involves having Li Luo Shu pose as her dead brother, living in the house to keep up the masquerade. Li Luo Shu agrees, and while living in his new home, starts to develop feelings for Li Chu Yao. However, he decides to keep his emotions a secret, while Chu Yao falls in love with another local man, Han Zi Mo (Zhu Jia Qi), and agrees to marry him. But when it emerges that Han Zi Mo is deep in debt – and violent mobsters come hunting for their money – it is Li Luo Shu who comes to Li Chu Yao’s rescue. Will she realize how much he loves her…before it’s too late? “Irreplaceable Love” is a 2020 Chinese drama series that was directed by Lin Ke.