Crocodile and The Plover Bird

Crocodile avec cure-dents oiseau
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Growing up in a small town, Li Nan En (Zhang Tian Ai) has always had a passion for traditional Chinese culture and architecture. Hoping to further her knowledge of the subjects she loves most, she joins an exchange program and moves to France, continuing her education at the Bordeaux University. While there, she joins an animal research society where she meets Zhou Er Wen (Chen Bolin), a stone-faced architectural genius who advocates for sustainable high-tech architecture. Devoted to the polar opposites of the same field, Nan En and Er Wen find themselves constantly at odds with each other. It’s only through the mediation of their mutual friend, Gao Mu (Wu Hao Chen), that they begin to acknowledge the fact that there are both pros and cons to each side of their arguments. It’s a hard thing for either of them to admit but once they do, they find themselves slowly forming a very unlikely friendship. Back home, the two find themselves working side-by-side on a project that will impact that architectural industry for years to come. As time passes and their project comes together, Nan En and Er Wen begin to realize that the biggest impact they’ve made is on each other. A story of enterprising ideas, passionate pursuits, and love, “Crocodile and The Plover Bird” is a 2019 romantic comedy drama directed by Lin Yan.