The Plough Department of Song Dynasty

Da Song Bei Wei Department
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During the reign of Emperor Zhen Zong of the Northern Song Dynasty, a special department was formed and tasked with solving some of the kingdom’s most mysterious cases. Blessed with supernatural gifts, the talented young members of the Emperor’s “Plough Department” set out on missions of great importance, operating always, in absolute secret. Growing up in the countryside, Tai Sui (Xu Ke) never imagined that he would someday become a member of such an elite group; but when a crime occurs in his small corner of the world, that’s exactly what happens.  Joining Wu Yao Guang (Dai Lu Wa) and Liu Sui Feng (Zhang Yu Jian) as a member of the Plough Department, Tai Sui helps solve a series of cases that all tie into an even bigger underlying conspiracy. Determined to uncover the truth, the Plough Department sets out to solve the unsolvable and unravel the mysteries that ultimately tie into Tai Sui’s long-forgotten past.  An exciting adventure, “The Plough Department of Song Dynasty” is a 2019 historical fantasy drama directed by Chen Jia Lin.