Viki Original

Twelve Nights

12 Nights, 12 Days of Night


If you meet the same person over and over again over the course of many years, is it just coincidence or fate? Han Yoo Kyung (Han Seung Yeon) takes a trip to Korea after graduating from college in the United States and ends up fighting with her boyfriend and breaking up. She meets Cha Hyun Oh (Shin Hyun Soo), who took an impulsive trip to Korea after quitting his job in Japan. The two share a walk on the beach and then part ways. But Yoo Kyung and and Hyun Oh surprisingly keep bumping into each other over the course of three different trips and end up spending 12 nights together. Could this be just coincidence or something much more? “Twelve Nights” is a 2018 South Korean Viki Original series directed by Jung Heon Soo.