The Legend of White Snake

Legend of Madame White Snake
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Spirits have walked unnoticed through the mortal world since the dawn of time. Parts of this world, yet separate, these immortal beings are regarded as nothing but legend by the humans around them. But what happens when these two worlds collide? Provoked by the actions of a seemingly sly human, an ancient snake spirit takes on a human form, in order to prove him a fraud. Convinced she’s doing the world a favor, Bai Su Zhen (Ju Jing Yi) challenges Xu Xuan (Alan Yu) to a contest of skill but what starts as a heated rivalry soon turns to a burning passion. Faced with opposition from every side, Bai Su Zhen and Xu Xuan’s love is put to the test time and time again in this newest retelling of a classic folktale. "The Legend of White Snake" is a 2019 fantasy romance drama directed by Zhi Lei.