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Story of Yanxi Palace


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Story of Yanxi Palace


A young woman who enters the royal palace with an agenda encounters kindness and opportunity.

Wei Ying Luo (Wu Jin Yan) enters the royal court of Hong Li, Qianlong Emperor (Nie Yuan), to uncover the truth behind her sister’s tragic death. She suspects the imperial guard Fucha Fu Heng (Xu Kai) and tries to get close to his sister, Empress Fucha Rong Yin (Qin Lan). Ying Luo manages to transfer to Changchun Palace to work as a maid. There, Ying Luo is mentored by the kind Rong Yin, who teaches Ying Luo to read and write, and she also falls in love with Fu Heng.

Through a series of events, Ying Luo becomes the Emperor’s concubine, Consort Ling. Alongside other concubines like Consort Xian (Charmaine Sheh), can Ying Luo put her personal agenda aside to serve the Emperor?

“Story of Yanxi Palace” is a 2018 Chinese drama series directed by Hui Kai Dong and Wen De Guang. Based on the novel Yan Xi Gong Lüe by Zhou Mo, the drama won Best Television Series at the 5th Hengdian Film and TV Festival of China.

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Yan Xi Gong Lue
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Story of Yanxi Palace Episode 70
Episode 70
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Story of Yanxi Palace Episode 69
Episode 69
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Story of Yanxi Palace Episode 68
Episode 68
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Story of Yanxi Palace Episode 67
Episode 67
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Story of Yanxi Palace Episode 66
Episode 66
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Story of Yanxi Palace Episode 65
Episode 65
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