The Brightest Star in the Sky

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A music-loving young woman named Yang Zhen Zhen (Wu Qian) lands what she thinks hopes be her dream job at Star Entertainment, one of China’s top talent agencies.   Her first assignment could not be more daunting, however, as she becomes the personal assistant of Zheng Bo Xu (Huang Zi Tao) – a wildly popular but notoriously demanding Chinese pop star who once auditioned with her. Zheng Bo Xu often berates Star Entertainment staff and criticizes his assistants in public. But Yang Zhen Zhen’s talents and charms eventually win him over. Eventually, the duo form a powerful bond: She helps smooth out some of the pop star’s rough edges while working with superstar Zheng Bo Xu helps Yang Zhen Zhen transform into an accomplished manger. Along the way, the pair also begins to develop feelings for one another…   But things get complicated for both parties when the agency’s co-owner champions an aspiring young singer named Yu Zi Rui (Niu Jun Feng). This rising star threatens to become the next big thing at Star Entertainment – eclipsing even Zheng Bo Xu.   And when the young musicians’ and manager’s paths cross with a nefarious international crime gang, things get decidedly tense for everyone involved.   Who will become the brightest star in the Chinese pop world? Will superstar Zheng Bo Xu fall for Yang Zhen Zhen? And will they stay safe from the clutches of the malevolent crime lords?   “The Brightest Star in the Sky” is a 2019 Chinese drama series produced by Teng Zhen Zi.