Granting You a Dreamlike Life

Letting You Float Like a Dream
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A young woman yearns to learn about her past and finds a story she didn’t expect. Lin Jing Yun (An Yue Xi) is a food critic and food magazine editor based in France. She travels to Shanghai to explore the local cuisines and rediscover her heritage. What she finds is an old family diary belonging to a woman named Duan Tian Ying (An Yue Xi), who lived during 1930s Shanghai. In the diary, Tian Ying talks about her torn feelings between the gentle Xu Xing Cheng (Kevin Chu) and the arrogant Luo Fu Sheng (Zhu Yi Long). However, Hong Lan (Eva Cheng) has a secret crush on Fu Sheng and Duan Tian Ci (Alen Fang) is in love with Tian Ying and will do anything to protect her. What will Jing Yun discover about her own history through this diary? “Granting You a Dreamlike Life” is a 2018 Chinese drama series. It is based on a novel by Chen Ju Zi.