Perfect Partner

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A PR manager, specializing in crisis communication, Wei Zhe (Huang Xuan) has made quite the name for himself in the world of public relations. Lauded as the most valuable independent public relations officer of his time and a legend in his own right, Wei Zhe has been the recipient of numerous awards and is the single most sought after professional in the field. With an impressive set of connections, resources, and methods at his disposal, he really is the best of the best. On the polar end of the spectrum, Jiang Dalin (Tong Li Ya) has just stepped foot into the world of public relations. A rookie officer, Jiang Dalin has a lot to learn, a task that proves nearly impossible while living in the Wei Zhe’s shadow. Even so, Jiang Dalin does her best and her competence and way with words doesn’t go unnoticed. When Fate throws Wei Zhe and Jiang Dalin together, the two find that they each possess a unique set of skills that work rather well together. What starts out as a little friendly professional rivalry gradually evolves into something more as the two learn to work side by side, overcoming the many obstacles that come their way, together. A story of friendship and love, “Perfect Partner” is a 2020 romantic comedy drama directed by An Jian.