Joy of Life



Fan Xian (Zhang Ruo Yun) is a man who has strange memories of life in the 21st Century – even though he was raised by his grandmother in a rural town in the Ancient Southern Qing Empire, ruled by the despotic Emperor (Chen Dao Ming). As a child, Fan Xian was taught martial arts and made incredible discoveries about the deadly power of poison. But questions about his true identity and his mother’s death haunt him. When someone tries to kill him, he decides to head to the capital in search of answers. Soon after he arrives, Fan Xian meets the chancellor’s daughter Lin Wan Er (Li Qin). The two quickly form a tight bond, and she becomes his closest ally. However, despite his intentions to live a carefree life, he begins to suspect that his past is somehow entwined with that of the Emperor. It is not long before he becomes drawn into schemes involving the Emperor and two Royal Princes. A mysterious security agency named the Overwatch Department also seems to be taking an interest in him. Can he learn the truth about his identity – and learn just why his head is filled with bizarre “memories” of a distant future? This drama was based on the internet novel “Qing Yu Nian,” which was written by the Chinese author Maoni. “Joy of Life” is a 2019 Chinese drama series that was produced by Chen Ying Jie.