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Mr. Fighting

Come On! You are the Best
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Ten years ago, Hao Ze Yu (Deng Lun) thought he was on his way to stardom. His appearance on popular talent competition led to widespread adulation, but fame proved fleeting for him. A decade later, he has all but left behind his dreams of becoming a top-level celebrity. But things change quickly when he meets a motley crew of supportive individuals who want to help him turn his career around. The group comprises a taxi driver (Han Tong Sheng) and his daughter Fu Zi (Sandra Ma). Fu Zi is a bright spark but has long been criticized for being overweight. Their number is made up by Mei Li (Ni Hong Jie), a beautiful woman now entering middle age. Fu Zi decides to become Hao Ze Yu’s agent, and the trio forms a support network for him – trying to propel him back to stardom. But the path to fame will not be smooth, and things get complicated when romantic interests threaten to derail their quest – and put an end to their budding four-way friendship. Will Hao Ze Yu get another shot at stardom? Or will love send him down another, very different path? This drama is based on a 2017 hit novel by author Zi You Ji Guang and is the third and final part of the “Gentleman” trilogy. The first two dramas in the series were “To Be a Better Man” (2016) and “Mr. Right” (2018). “Mr. Fighting” is a 2019 Viki Original Chinese drama directed by Liu Xin.