The Legends

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Raised deep in the mountains by her elderly grandfather, Lu Zhaoyao (Bai Lu) has spent her entire life cut off from the outside world. Never knowing pain or sorrow, Zhaoyao has grown up cheerful, content with the world and her part in it, until the day that world came crashing down around her. Now the fierce and fearless leader of the demonic Wan Lu sect, Zhaoyao is determined to take possession of the great Wan Ju Sword, but her determination leads her awry. Ambushed by the ten Immortal Sects not long after setting out for the sword, Zhaoyao is defeated. Believing Mo Qing (Xu Kai), a guard of the Wan Lu sect and her closest ally, is behind this ambush, Zhaoyao vows revenge. Five years later, Mo Qing has taken his place as the leader of the Wan Lu sect, embracing his new position as the Demon King’s son, as well as his true name, Li Chenlan. With the help of Qin Zhiyan (Xiao Yan), Zhaoyao returns to the place she once called home, determined to bring down the rule of this vile traitor; but things don’t go quite the way she planned. With certain truths slowly revealed, Zhaoyao begins to realize her greatest enemies may have actually been her most devoted allies.  Directed by Steve Cheng, "The Legends" is an exciting 2019 fantasy romance drama based on the novel by Chinese author, Jiulu Feixiang.