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HIStory 3: Trapped

HIStory3: 圈套

Taiwan, Romance

HIStory 3: Trapped


Four years ago, a homicide shooting resulted in the death of a police officer and a gangster boss alongside one injured. The only survivor has now become the new leader of the Tianmeng gang. With no trace of evidence at the scene, the killer has still not been found. What is the hidden mystery behind it that ignited the constant movement of the black and white?

Meng Shao-fei is an upholder of justice and was born a police officer material – four well developed limbs, outstanding military built that always gets his man, whether it’s first to draw a gun, overtaking attackers or catching drug dealers. To him, there is only right and no wrong. His one focus is to put the cuffs on Tang-yi so that he can finally question him about the events from four years ago! But the always cunning Tang-yi, has been impossible to catch so far.

For Tang-yi, finding the murderer having his revenge is his top priority. Every time he has set his trap up, Meng Shao-fei spoils it. As the two of them cross paths over a long period of time, Shao-fei starts to understand Tang-yi’s hidden side. It turns out that the infamous cold-blooded, sinister gangster is doing all the things he does in order to protect someone.

Shao-fei’s attitudes toward justice begin to shift. What’s even worse is that before he had a chance to force Tang-yi to tell the truth, he gradually fell into the trap of love…

Original title
HIStory3: 圈套
Romanized title
HIStory 3: Quan Tao
Volunteer Team
HIStory 3: Trapped Volunteer Team
Broadcast Network
Broadcast Period
04-16-2019 to 06-12-2019
Taiwan Romance


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