Brave to Love

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Cheng Mei (Wang Ching), Gua Ju (Zhang Ting Hu), Qu Shou (Edison Song), Xing Hua (Sylvia Hsieh), and Song Gang (Andy Wu) may come from different walks of life, but when brought together through a campus club, these five university students become fast friends. As life takes them down to various paths, their fortitude and their friendship are tested as they’re forced to deal, not just with the day-to-day struggles of life, but with the always complicated matters of the heart as well. Struggling to find the balance they crave in an off-kilter world, this quintet comes to learn that dealing with life is never easy, but having good friends by your side certainly helps. Based on the work of Japanese manga artist and novelist, Fumi Saimon, “Brave to Love” is a poignant 2019 coming of age drama directed by Li Yun Chan and Lin Chun Yang.