Wu Xin: The Monster Killer

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An immortal soul, with the ability to communicate with spirits that roam the earth, yet doomed to spend eternity in deepest poverty, Wu Xin (Elvis Han) wanders the world hungry, penniless, and alone. Desperate to escape this miserable life, he heads to the mountains in search of a place to rest. Falling asleep at some point during the Qing dynasty, Wu Xin wakes to find the world around him changed dramatically, in more ways than one. Making her way to the mountains in a desperate attempt to escape an arranged marriage with the most unpleasant man, Li Yue Ya (Jin Chen) stumbles across sleeping Wu Xin. After Yue Ya falls asleep next to Wu Xin, the immortal wakes to find himself lying next to a beautiful woman, nearly fifty years in the future. Taking pity on this lost soul, Yue Ya offers Wu Xin her food, which he accepts gladly. In exchange for her kindness, Wu Xin takes Yue Ya under his wing. Under the guise of a monk and his sister, the pair sets out into the world, to make their fortune as monster hunters. Taking jobs as they come, the unlikely duo fights some of the world’s most vile creatures, finding adventure, fortune, and love along the way. Based on Ni Luo’s novel of the same name, “Wu Xin: The Monster Killer” is an action-packed 2015 fantasy drama directed by Lin Yufen and Gao Linbao.