A Little Thing Called First Love

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University freshman Xia Miao Miao (Zhao Jin Mai) is a real fish out of water in her new campus settings. Quiet and awkward, she finds socializing difficult and keeps her head down.   But on one emotional day, she opens up to a group of classmates who eventually decide to take her under their wing. Xia Miao Miao’s new friends convince her to join the university drama club – where the dashing Liang You Nian (Lai Kuanlin, formerly of K-pop group Wanna One) is the star performer.   Smitten with Liang You Nian’s charms, Xia Miao Miao resolves to change everything about herself in order to win his attention. As she does so, she discovers much about who she really is – and learns a new appreciation for Liang You Nian, the object of her affections.   Will Xia Miao Miao eventually become as popular as Liang You Nian? And can he learn to love his quirky new admirer?   This series is based on the hit Thai film “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” (2010).   “A Little Thing Called First Love” is a 2019 Chinese drama directed by Qi Xiao Hui.