Number Six

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Won Tak (Lee Minhyuk), Min Joo (Baek Seo Yi), Eun Kyung (Woohee), Chang Kyung (Kwon Young Min), Se Joon (Kang Yool), and Se Ra (Han So Eun) were the best of friends. Inseparable from childhood, they did everything together, sharing every moment of their lives up until the moment they all left for college. Best friends for life, there was nothing this group kept from each other. Or so they thought. Ten years later, the secrets they kept harbored in their hearts come to light, revealing a tangled web of complicated emotions, first loves, and profound friendship. It doesn’t take long to realize even the closest of friends can hide some pretty big secrets. "Number Six" is a 2018 drama directed by Park Gi Hyeon and Park Seon Jae.