The Advisors Alliance

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In China, in the late 2nd Century AD, a boy named Sima Yi (Wu Xiu Bo) is born to the family of a government official in Wen County, Henan. From an early age, his parents and teachers recognize that Sima Yi is blessed with extraordinary intelligence. And he soon proves them right, rising to prominence and landing an influential position in the local government. He also proves astute in his choice of bride, marrying the quick-witted Zhang Chun Hua (Liu Tao). But these are troubled times. The Eastern Han Dynasty is in its dying days and all-out war has broken out between a warlord and his rivals. The young Sima Yi, meanwhile, is quickly rising through the ranks and has caught the eye of the mighty warlord himself. But when the warlord dies, another power struggle breaks out between his sons, who battle for the right to succeed their father. The elder of the sons, Cao Pi (Li Chen), turns to Sima Yi for assistance. But now Cao Pi has set his sights on an even more spectacular prize – the imperial throne. Can Sima Yi help Cao Pi topple Emperor Xian and put an end to the Eastern Han Dynasty? And will the duo succeed in establishing a new national government – and can they open a new, glorious chapter in Chinese history? This drama is based on real-life events from the life of Sima Yi, who lived from 179 to 251 AD. It is also known as “Sima Yi: The Advisors Alliance” and its sequel was entitled “Growling Tiger, Roaring Dragon.” “The Advisors Alliance” is a 2017 Chinese drama directed by Zhang Yong Xin.