Love and Destiny

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Ten thousand years ago the God of War, Jiu Chen (Chang Chen), fought the vile demon lord in a battle so intense, it pushed him to the outermost edge of his limits. Desperate to save the world from the all-consuming evil of the demon lord, Jiu Chen fought with all his might and in the end, managed to seal the foul demon away for good. Exhausted after his victory, the God of War fell into a deep slumber, his sleep a guarantee to the people that they were safe. And so they were until the young fairy maiden, Ling Xi (Ni Ni), accidentally wakes him from his slumber. Despite his irritation at being disturbed, Jiu Chen can’t help but notice the fair maiden’s beauty. Smitten from the very beginning, the two soon fall in love but their happiness together is short-lived. Born with an evil miasma that can free the demon lord from Jiu Chen’s seal, Ling Xi is the living embodiment of everything evil in the world; her very existence, a dangerous threat to the world. Encouraged by the gods to end the world’s suffering before it begins, Jiu Chen has two choices before him: save the woman he loves, or let the world fall to darkness. Forced to make an impossible decision, Jiu Chen struggles against his destiny, knowing that whatever he chooses, the fate of the world rests solely in his hands. “Love and Destiny” is a 2019 historical fantasy romance drama directed by Lin Yu Fen.