God of Lost Fantasy

Swire God


The adopted son of the Qin family, Qin Wen Tian (Peter Sheng) was born with the entire world against him. Sick and weak as a child, his family eventually decides that it would be best to send him to live at the Bai Manor. Having arranged a marriage between Qin Wen Tian and Bai Qiu Xue (Tang Jing Mei) when the two were very young, the move would solidify the ties between the two families. Little do the elders of the Qin family know that the Bai family has set their sights on a much more advantageous match. With Qin Wen Tian standing between them and a connection to the royal Ye family, the elders of the Bai family make plans to have Wen Tian assassinated. However, their plans go awry when Wen Tian escapes. Running for his life, Wen Tian seeks refuge with the Jiuhua Sect, a school dedicated to the study of martial arts. While planning his revenge, Wen Tian befriends his new master’s daughter, Mo Qing Cheng (Wang Zi Wen), and the crown prince, Yi Wu Wei (Jacky Heung), who was forced into hiding after his brother made a play for the crown. Putting his own desire for revenge aside, Wen Tian agrees to help Wu Wei take back his rightful throne. Making their way to the Imperial City, the three friends set out to confront the usurper, Yi Tian Jiao (Liu Run Nan). But to take back the crown, they’ll have to confront more than a greedy prince. Will their strength and determination be enough to overthrow the plans of the dark-hearted villain backing Tian Jiao and undo the evil that has been wrought at his hands? Adapted from Jing Wu Hen’s novel, “Ancient Godly Monarch”, “God of Lost Fantasy” is a 2020 action historical fantasy drama directed by Hu Chu Xi.