Hello Again!

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High school friends Ke Ai (Amber An) and Zi Hao (Bruce He) are a mere 100 days away from taking their university entrance exams, and decide to make a bet: if the duo gain admission to the same university, she must carry his schoolbag around for him for a whole year. A twist of fate intervenes to ruin their bet, however. Ke Ai’s family finds itself in a financial crisis. She is forced to give up her aspirations of going to university altogether and find work in order to keep the creditors at bay. A decade later, destiny once again throws them together. Zi Hao has become a business hotshot and has a senior management role with an exclusive department store. Ke Ai, meanwhile, has become a market vendor and sells clothing at a stall with her mother. She decides to look for better pay by taking a job at Zi Hao’s department store, unaware that her former classmate manages the store. But when their paths finally cross once, they recall the bet they made 10 years ago and feelings they once thought lost suddenly come bubbling to the surface again… Could this chance reunion somehow help Ke Ai fulfill her long-forgotten academic dreams? And could the duo’s friendship evolve into something more lasting – and meaningful – this time around? “Hello Again!” is a 2019 Taiwanese drama series directed by Yu Wei and Liu Guang Hui.