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Growing up in a small village, Nan Yue Li (Cosmos Lin) couldn’t wait for the day she could move to the city. When that day finally came, Yue Li left her little Moon Village without so much as a second thought, her only goal to become the queen of her new life, ruling in both her career and in love. Settling quite well into her new life, Yue Li is happy to forget everything she left behind; but when she gets word that the village chief has passed away, everything changes. Forced to make a trip back home, Yue Li finds herself coming face to face with her childhood sweetheart, Bi Guo Jian (Xie Kun Da). Much like Yue Li, Guo Jian left the village to follow his dreams of becoming a world-class chef and was now well on his way to making that dream a reality. Reunited under such unexpected circumstances, things between Yue Li and Guo Jian go from awkward to complicated when the will of the late village chief is read. Hoping to unite the people after his passing, the chief split the village’s valuable salt fields among the villagers, the two largest allotments going to Yue Li and Guo Jian. There’s just one catch. In order for everyone to be able to claim their share, Yue LI and Guo Jian have to move back to the village, get married, and stay married for exactly one year. With an entire village pressuring them to get married, Yue Li and Guo Jian don’t seem to have much of a choice but can either of them be happy when all their dreams lay beyond the borders of their tiny hometown village? “Back to Home” is a 2019 romantic comedy drama directed by Guo Chun Hui and Huang Yu Tang.