From fine dust in the playgrounds to noise complaint issues in the apartments, children these days have fewer and fewer reasons to spend time running and playing outdoors. An eco-friendly childcare center in the woods is now open for children who don\u2019t have places to run and play freely.Four celebrities, \u2018Tsundere\u2019 Lee Seo Jin, \u2018Newbie babysitter\u2019 Lee Seung Gi, \u2018Energizer\u2019 Park Na Rae, and \u2018Sentimental\u2019 Jung So Min, come together to create a Kids Garden and enjoy their time playing with the kids there. The children leave the stuffy confines of the city and come to Neverland in the forest, where there is plenty of green space to run around in and lots of eco-friendly food to eat. They will show the viewers how they learn to cooperate with their friends and grow through healthy competition. A childcare service taking place in nature, full of green grass and fresh air, Little Forest!