Dog Star TV

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Animal lovers are in for a treat when dogs become the star of the show! A range of dog-loving folk learn key pet care tips, with animal experts on hand to put pooches – and their owners – through their paces. Watch owners have some unforgettable doggy-related experiences – with proud mommy dogs giving birth to adorable newborn puppies, adventurous canines (and their owners) navigating tough obstacle courses, and pets learning how to follow complex instructions. Human owners learn how to care for their pets when they are ill, how to take the ultimate doggy-themed selfie, how to train dogs to scare off home intruders, and much, much more. Vets, dog trainers, photographers, and other experts are on hand with pro-level dog hacks, while cats also make an appearance in a special section for feline furballs. A lovable bulldog named Jjimppong attempts to hog the limelight, and his adventures take him on a quest for love – with doggy nuptials in the air! “Dog Star TV” is a 2017 South Korean variety show.