Prodigy Healer

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A descendant of the royal tribe of Shen Mu, Mu Xing Chen (Li Hong Yi) has been studying and practicing his family’s traditional medical practices his entire life. A dedicated student, he has always lived up to his family’s expectations and now sits as next in line to the throne. But when Ye Yun Shang (Zhao Lu Si), a doctor from the human realm, enters the Shen Mu Tribe’s sacred lands by mistake, his whole world changes. Determined to save Yun Shang from the trouble she now finds herself in, Xing Chen helps her escape his realm and return to her own. On the way, Xing Chen decides to follow Yun Shang back into the mortal realm, hoping that in doing so, he’ll be able to escape the political struggles that plague his day-to-day life. Journeying with Yun Shang through the mortal world, Xing Chen finds himself in a land suffering from a mysterious and lethal plague. Joining hands with Yun Shang, the two put their medical prowess to the test as they search for a way to save humanity before it’s too late. An exciting adventure through realms both old and new, “Prodigy Healer” is a 2019 fantasy romance drama directed by Hu Chu Xi.