Yong-jiu Grocery Store

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The youngest development department manager in the company, Yang Jun Long (Derek Chang) was well on his way to moving up the ranks of the real estate company in which he worked. But at thirty years old, he was beginning to wonder if work was all his future held. Watching his seniors in the company dedicating long hours to their work, choosing the time at the company over time spent with their families, lovers, and friends, Jun Long begins to see the path his life will take and he’s not so sure he likes it. Little does Jun Long know, his life is about to take an unexpected turn. When his aging grandfather falls ill, Jun Long is asked to take over the family business. Once a real estate department manager, Jun Long now finds himself running a quaint little neighborhood grocery store. Once seen as a burden, it doesn’t take much time for Jun Long to realizes the true value of the little store. It’s a place where people from all walks of life can meet and mingle. A safe haven for the weary, a meeting place for those long parted; it’s a place where time stands still, its warm light a beacon to help people find their way home. A place that for Jun Long, has finally become home. Adapted from the comic by Ruan Guang Min, “Yong-jiu Grocery Store” is a 2019 drama directed by Tseng Ying Ting and Kao Pin Chuan.