Mirror: A Tale of Twin Cities

Mirror · Twin Cities
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In a world populated by powerful gods and warring mortals, two enchanted beings meet in a peace-filled realm: They are Su Mo (Li Yi Feng), a prince of sea gods, and Bai Ying (Chen Yu Qi), a princess and descendant of a mighty sword deity. They are immediately attracted to one another and begin on a romance, unaware that they are effectively crossing enemy lines and sparking animosity between two warring factions. Their actions anger other deities and Su Mo is eventually expelled from the realm. Overcome with grief, Bai Ying attempts to put her existence to an end by jumping from a magnificent pagoda. However, three tender-hearted female deities intervene to save her from a cruel fate, although she falls into a slumber that lasts for years, leaving her father devastated. She eventually emerges, but under a brand new guise. When Su Mo becomes the sea emperor, he goes in search of his love – but fierce battles are raging in multiple realms, putting the future of both the sea world and the sword folk at terrible risk. Can they save their respective worlds – and can love bring them together once more? This drama was based on a hit novel by the author Cang Yue. “Mirror: A Tale of Twin Cities” is a 2022 Chinese drama series that was directed by Patrick Yau.