The Love Lasts Two Minds

Past Life and Life


The year is 907 CE and the Later Liang dynasty has just taken control of what is now Northern China. A general’s daughter named Yuan Qing Li (Chen Yu Qi) is traveling to a quiet nunnery to meditate in peace. However, a gang of bandits attacks her party, abducting her and leaving her unconscious. She is rescued by benevolent forces, but wakes up days later, without any memories about the person she used to be, living a life that she does not believe to be her own. She also discovers that she is due to marry – something she does not want to do. She decides to run away and go undercover, disguising herself as a man. The martial arts skills she learned when she was younger soon come in handy, and she rises to the rank of county constable. Meanwhile, the Duke of the Liang, Jing Ci (Alan Yu), has also gone undercover as a lowly Liang official in a bid to expose a fiendish conspiracy that threatens to take down the government. The duo teams up in a bid to put an end to the corruption – and help Yuan Qing Li discover her true identity. “The Love Lasts Two Minds” is a 2020 Chinese period drama directed by Yu Cui Hua and Liu Zhen Ming.