My Mowgli Boy

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Raised in the wilderness by his grandfather, Mo Ge Li (Ma Tian Yu) has spent his entire life surrounded by nature. Completely oblivious to the modern world, he has never had any sort of companionship, aside from his grandfather and the animals he calls friends. But all that changes the day Ling Xi (Yang Zi) walks into his life. A modern, independent, career woman, Ling Xi meets Mo Ge Li by accident and inadvertently brings him home with her. Painfully aware that she needs to return this wild man to his home as quickly as possible, Ling Xi does her best but nothing seems to work out the way it should. Out of options, Ling Xi does the only thing she can, she lets Mo Ge Li stay with her until she can find a way to take him home. But living under the same roof comes with some very unexpected complications and even more complicated feelings. Can a boy from the wilderness and a modern city girl find a way to bring their two worlds together or will their differences drive them apart?  Inspired by Rudyard Kipling’s “The Jungle Book”, “My Mowgli Boy” is a 2019 romance drama directed by Han Yang.