Lost Love in Times



Qing Chen (Liu Shi Shi) is a powerful enchantress with remarkable healing abilities. She is a member of an elite group of magicians whose chief role is watching over the imperial family that rules the land. However, a quirk of destiny means that she is destined to fall in love with one of the imperial princes, Yuan Ling (William Chan). The magicians’ code strictly forbids them from marrying or having intimate relationships with the imperial family – particularly the Emperor – as they believe that breaking this code will have a disastrous effect on the realm. But the love bond between the pair is too strong to be denied. And when Yuan Ling ascends to the throne, he resolves to take Qing Chen as his wife. But on the day of the ceremony, the new Emperor’s brother unleashes a violent bid to seize power. Qing Chen uses a magic stone to travel back in time to a parallel universe, intent on thwarting her own love plans with Yuan Ling and avoid future catastrophe. Can she succeed in pushing him away the second time around? Or will love prove too strong for even this powerful sorceress to hold back? “Lost Love in Times” is a Chinese drama series that was co-directed by Lin Yu Fen, Liang Sheng Quan, Yu Cui Hua, and Ren Hai Tao.