If Paris Downcast

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A successful lawyer, with a great career, Ruan Man Jun (Kan Qing Zi) was living the good life. With a bright future ahead of her and a good man at her side, she had it all. Everything in her life was perfect, until the day her boyfriend’s company fell into a major financial crisis. Desperate to help, Man Jun was willing to do everything in her power to keep her boyfriend’s company from ruin, but in the process the lines between right and wrong were blurred. Suddenly finding herself on the wrong side of the law, Man Jun had no choice but to accept the consequences of her actions. Disgraced, disbarred, and sentenced to prison, Man Jun lost everything for the sake of love. Now, having served her time, Man Jun is free to return to the life she once lived, but it doesn’t take long for her to realize that everything has changed. With her ex-boyfriend married, her career gone, and no chance of picking up the pieces of her old life, Man Jun is forced to carry on alone. At least until she meets Tong Zhuo Yao (Zhang Han). Scarred from his own traumatic past, Zhuo Yao recognizes a kindred spirit in Man Jun and wants to help; but she is determined to go through life standing on her own two feet. Strong and independent, Man Jun is ready to take on the world, but that doesn’t mean she can’t use a little emotional support, from time to time. Adapted from the novel written by Bai Jin Hu, “If Paris Downcast” is a 2018 romantic melodrama directed by Yu Zhong Zhong.