The Great Show



An ambitious parliamentarian named Wi Dae Han (Song Seung Heon) was headed for a sparkling career as a lawmaker – until the media discovered a secret about his family, derailing his career. He was forced to step down from his seat in parliament but secretly dreams of a return to politics.   He senses that his wish might just come true when he meets a young woman in dire straits. She tells him that her mother – who had been single-handedly supporting a family of four children – has been killed in a traffic accident. She asks him to help care for her three young siblings.   Ever-opportunistic, Wi Dae Han realizes he has an opportunity on his hands. He decides to take the children in and launches a bid to gain reelection to parliament. Paying the role of a doting stepfather, he hopes to gain popularity from the electorate.   But can he keep up the pretense in order to win votes? Things get even more complicated for him when justice-loving current affairs TV show writer Jung Soo Hyun (Lee Sun Bin) steps back into his life. She and Wi Dae Han met at college, and he was her first love, but family pressures eventually tore them apart.   Will Jung Soo Hyun’s sense of justice help reform Wi Dae Han? Could they re-ignite their former romance? And will Wi Dae Han turn into the warm-hearted family man he is now only pretending to be?   “The Great Show” is a 2019 South Korean drama series directed by Shin Yong Hui.