With her diving team on the brink of disbandment, Coach Yu Feng (Fang Chuan) is desperate to find a way to keep her team together, but with little support from those around her, the task is anything but easy. Knowing she needs to create an all-star group of athletes if she’s ever going to save her precious team, Coach Yu sets out to do just that. Though the search isn’t easy, fate eventually lends her a hand, bringing not one, but four talented divers to her team.  Joined by a former star in the diving world, Jiang Bailong (Gu Jia Cheng), an exchange student from Thailand, Wei Te (Chanon Santinatornkul), a promising new student and star athlete, Lu Haoran (Sun Wei Hao), and his partner Tian Lin (Liu Ying Quan Gang), Coach Yu is confident in her team’s success. But will winning be enough to keep this team together? A story of hard work, dedication, and friendship, “Dive” is a 2019 drama directed by Ding Wei.