Everyone Wants to Meet You

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Zhang Wei (Zhang Zhe Han) is the workaholic general manager of a luxurious five-star hotel. His busy and stress-filled life is joyless and loveless – until he meets the beautiful and warm-hearted Luo Xi (Zhang Ruo Nan). She melts his cold heart, and he falls head over heels for her. But there is a twist – she has a long-term suitor in the form of her former schoolmate Tao Lun (Riley Wang). Although Tao Lun loves Luo Xi passionately, the feeling is not mutual. She likes him, but only as a friend – while her passion for Zhang Wei is very real... The heartbroken Tao Lun eventually accepts defeat, and throws himself into his professional career, while lovebirds Luo Xi and Zhang Wei begin to co-run a small hostel in the countryside. But the trio’s paths cross again, some time later – when Tao Lun is enlisted to help stop a scheming hotel chain push forward with plans to demolish the idyllic surroundings of the hostel to make room for a real estate development. Can the former love triangle members let bygones be bygones to save the natural beauty – or will old emotions get in the way? “Everyone Wants To Meet You” is a 2020 Chinese drama series directed by Hsu Fu Hsiang.