Fighting Youth

Standardized Life, Standardized Queen
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A talented rookie, Zhang Xiao Yu (Wu Jin Yan) has worked hard to secure a foothold in the cutthroat corporate world. Having caught the attention of Lin Rui (Yin Tao), the sales director of SW Cosmetics, a well-established company with global reach, Zhang Xiao Yu now works as Lin Rui’s assistant. But life in this fast-paced and highly competitive workplace is anything but easy. Because of her numerous achievements, Lin Rui has gained recognition from the company’s board of directors in France and as such, has been shortlisted to replace the company’s current boss, Shu Wanting (Liu Min Tao). Unwilling to give up her position without a fight, Shu Wanting appoints Lin Rui’s rival, Fang Jing (Zuo Xiao Qing), to head up a second sales department, thereby pitting the two rivals against each other and forcing Lin Rui to prove herself once again. Despite finding herself caught in the middle of Lin Rui and Fang Jing’s never-ending feud and an overwhelming deluge of office politics, Xiao Yu finds her footing and not only manages to stand her ground, but to bloom. Working hard to overcome the obstacles and stereotypes that plague today’s professional women, Xiao Yu and her co-workers will have their mettle tested time and time again, as they set out to make their dreams come true. Focusing on the life and struggles of professional women, “Fighting Youth” is a 2021 workplace drama directed by Mu Xiao Jie.