Gu Chu (Ye Qing) has been through a whole host of troubles on her journey to qualify as a forensic scientist. Family troubles once forced her to drop out of university, but she was eventually able to return and complete her studies. She also suffered bereavement when her boyfriend died. Now she has all but finished her university life, she is ready for a fresh start. She is blessed with great talent and no shortage of passion for her work. But ghosts from the past come flooding back when – as part of her graduation internship – she is assigned to work with forensics center head Lu Bei Chen (Bosco Wong), the twin brother of her deceased former boyfriend. The pair have no choice other than to work together. But Gu Chu finds it harder than she first thought to let go of the past – and starts to resent her center chief. However, as they begin working on cases, the two experts start to realize that together they make a formidable forensic science team. And before long, they also discover that their feelings for one another are much more complex than they first thought… This drama was based on a novel by author Yin Xun. “Your Secret” is a 2019 Chinese drama series directed by Mu Xiao Jie and Yang Xin Yu.