Black Dog



Teachers have a unique ability to leave lasting impressions on their students, but for Go Ha Neul (Seo Hyun Jin), that impression would shape the course of her entire life. After one of her school trips ends in a near fatal accident, Go Ha Neul lives the rest of her life in gratitude towards the teacher who risked his life to save hers. Now a teacher herself, Ha Neul hopes to make as much of a difference in the lives of her students as her teacher once did for her. But the dream she has is difficult to achieve, as the life of a teacher is anything but easy. Still, Ha Neul refuses to give up on her dreams. Accepting a short-term teaching position at a private school, Ha Neul is determined to do her best to help her students as they face the various trials that exist in the highly competitive private school setting. As she dedicates herself to helping her students grow, Ha Neul begins to grow herself, thanks, in part, to the guidance of Park Sung Soon (Ra Mi Ran), the head of the school’s career counseling department, and Do Yeon Woo (Ha Jun), a Korean language teacher with an unwavering passion for teaching. With Sung Soon as her mentor and Yeon Woo as her guide, Ha Neul finds the strength to overcome the challenges of teaching in today’s cutthroat education system, growing both as a person and a teacher, as she dedicates herself to helping her students make their own dreams come true. A story of dedication and dreams, “Black Dog” is a 2019 drama directed by Hwang Joon Hyeok.