Viki Original

Let's Eat Dinner Together



Kang Ho Dong and Lee Kyung Kyu are joined by K-pop stars, actors, and TV personalities for a unique food-related challenge. They are taken to a neighborhood in Seoul or elsewhere in South Korea and must use their charm – or powers of persuasion – to convince ordinary families to take them in and feed them dinner before the clock runs out. Going door-to-door, asking to be fed is not easy, but the hungry hosts will not be deterred! Their travels take them all over the capital and beyond. They take trips to Jeju Island, the port cities of Incheon and Busan, and the historic town of Gyeongju – with a few special episodes filmed overseas! As the show progresses, Kang Ho Dong and Lee Kyung Kyu become team captains – and must go head-to-head in an effort to outdo one another. With a little help from boy band members, girl group singer, comedians, and other celebs, the heat is on! The Viki Original, “Let’s Eat Dinner Together” is a South Korean variety and reality show that began broadcasting in 2016. Its executive producer is Yoon Hyun Joon.