Coffee & Vanilla

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Shiroki Risa (Fukuhara Haruka) is a beautiful young university freshman. She grew up in the countryside but has moved to Tokyo to complete her education. Although she has always had many male admirers and dreams of finding true love, no man has ever taken her fancy. At university, male students fawn over her, but she is unimpressed by all of them. But her life changes fast when she meets Fukami Hiroto (Dori Sakurada), a dashing, heroic stranger who works in the world of business. Although he treats her kindly and is gentle, he appears to have a dark secret that he carefully hides. Regardless, Shiroki Risa finds herself irresistibly drawn to the new man in her life, and soon discovers that the feeling is mutual. Can true love bloom from a passionate romance? And will Fukami Hiroto become the coffee to Shiroki Risa’s vanilla? This drama series was based on a long-running manga series of the same name. The manga original was first serialized in 2015. “Coffee & Vanilla” is a 2019 Japanese drama series directed by Smith.