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Aki Terada (Aoi Morikawa) was living a pretty good life. She had a steady job, a boyfriend she loved, and the life they shared felt like something out of a dream. But that dream shattered the day she caught her boyfriend cheating on her. Deciding to cut the cheater out of her life for good, Aki moves out of their apartment and into a share-house. Only after moving into her new home does Aki learn that her long lost first love, Tomoya Hongyo (Nakao Masaki), is one of her new housemates. Reunited with her old flame, the two pick up where they left off, all those years ago. But it’s only after Tomoya makes an unexpected request that things really heat up between them. Falling in love with Tomoya all over again, Aki is happy to let her heart lead where it may. But things at home get a little more complicated when their homeowner and housemate, Taichi Hase (Yuki Kousei), suddenly asks her to marry him. Now the object of two men’s affection, Aki must decide if she should follow her head, or her heart. Based on the manga of the same name, by Takumi Ishida, “Kakafukaka” is a 2019 drama directed by Momoko Fukuda.