A Virgin Woman of Literature

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At 26 years old, Kanoko Tsukishiro (Aoi Morikawa) may not be an expert at love but that doesn’t mean she isn’t living the dream. Working as an editor in the literature department of a prominent publishing company, Kanoko has settled into the job of her dreams, and nothing in the world could make her happier. Or so she keeps telling herself. Deep down she knows that she’d like to experience love at least once in her life. But work has always come first and love will just have to wait. But not for long... Given the task of overseeing the works of wildly popular mystery writer, Saku Kagaya (Yu Shirota), Kanoko suddenly finds herself working side-by-side with the very man whose lessons on love have shaped all her dreams and ideas on the subject. Having learned all about love through Saku’s books, Kanoko can’t help but feel a little something special when it comes to her new work partner. Unfortunately for her, Saku seems to feel nothing at all. Petty and aloof, Saku’s greatest pleasure seems to come from picking on poor Kanoko. Determined to help Saku produce yet another top-selling novel, Kanoko puts up with all of her writer’s nonsense but it isn’t easy. Especially not when, despite everything, she finds herself falling for him. Pondering the decisions of her heart, Kanoko has to wonder, can an unlovable man and a woman who’s never been in love really find happiness together? Based on the webcomic, “Bungaku Shojo” by Mayaka Nakano, “A Virgin Woman of Literature” is a 2018 romance drama directed by Smith.