Pei You You (Xu Xiao Nuo) is a young woman with dreams. A talented nail artist, she has a solid client base and a good career. With hard work and dedication, she is well on her way to achieving her ultimate dream, the dream of someday owning her own house. But life takes an unexpected turn the day Yi Han (Zhang Yu Jian) comes crashing into her life. One of the country’s top stars, Yi Han is a man everyone knows. Ever in the public’s eye, he’s well accustomed to the life of a celebrity and knows first-hand just how ruthless the paparazzi can be. Unfortunately, not even that knowledge can keep him from becoming the subject of a potentially career-ruining scandal, when he’s caught in some severely misunderstood photos with Pei You You, a woman who, up that point, he’d never even met. Forced to take drastic measures, or risk losing everything, Yi Han and You You agree to sign a temporary marriage contract. Posing as a happy couple, Yi Han’s career is saved and You You is well on her way to getting the house she’s always wanted. But even the best laid plans can take an unexpected turn when met by that funny little thing called love. “Please Love Me” is a 2019 romantic comedy drama directed by Chan Ka Lam.