Heart Signal 2



Eight young, single people who have never met are thrown together at Signal House, a place where they must choose a housemate to pair up with. There is one key house rule, though: nobody can overtly confess that they like another housemate. Instead, they are only allowed to send discrete “heart signals” to one another – in the form of anonymous messages and non-verbal communication. The housemates soon find that romance is alive and well in Signal House, with love triangles rapidly developing – and often falling apart soon after! A group of celebrity panelists, including former Sistar member Soyou and ex-Roo'ra star Lee Sang Min, is watching over everything the housemates get up to – ready to make key observations and pass judgment on the often dramatic goings-on at Signal House. Who will pair up with whom as the race for romance intensifies? And could any of the contestants find true love in Signal House? “Heart Signal 2” is a 2018 reality TV /variety show that was co-produced by Lee Jin Min.