12 Legend

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Jin Xing Jian (Jasper Liu) is a stone spirit. He has long been in love with a night pearl demon named Ye Ming (Gülnezer Bextiyar), despite the fact that he is by nature cold and cannot express his emotions easily. Despite his affection for her, she does not return his love. His affection turns to jealousy and possessiveness, although what he really wants to do above all is to protect her. And when demonic forces conspire to close in on him – and Ye Ming – their struggles threaten to spill over into the mortal realm. Their lives stretch on through centuries of Chinese history, but one day, a struggle between demons leaves Ye Ming injured, sending her into a slumber. Jin Xing Jian learns that if he collects enough spirit materials, he will be able to resuscitate her. But meanwhile, the affairs of mortals – including demon hunters and a woman intent on winning his heart – as well as malevolent demons, look set to derail his quest… “12 Legend” is a 2021 Chinese drama series that was directed by Chen Shu Liang and Jia Fang.