The Promise of Chang’an



The granddaughter of the esteemed Yonglin leader, Helan Mingyu (Zhao Han Ying Zi) grew up well in the country of Sheng. Honest and bright, she caught the eye of many young men, but it was the Ninth Prince, Xiao Cheng Xu (Cheng Yi), who eventually won her heart. Happy as they were, their love was fated for ruin. Determined to help his older brother, Xiao Cheng Rui (Han Dong) ascend the throne, Cheng Xu sets out for war, well aware that his victory on the battlefield would help solidify his brother’s position as king. Leaving Mingyu behind, Cheng Xu departs, taking her heart with him.  With Cheng Xu gone, Mingyu soon finds herself caught up in the tangled inner-workings of the palace. Learning that the fate of Cheng Xu’s younger brother, Xiao Cheng Xuan (Zhao Wen Hao), is in her hands, Mingyu must act both quickly and prudently. To save Cheng Xuan, Mingyu does the unthinkable, making a sacrifice that will alter her life forever. With life as a permanent resident of the palace looming before her, Mingyu must learn to navigate the intricate inner workings of the palace; but the path she now walks is anything but easy. Finding herself the object of more than one man’s desires, Mingyu is torn between the desires of her heart and the duties of her position. Understanding that the needs of both her family and her people outweigh her own, she must use her wisdom to bring peace to the palace and prosperity to the Great Sheng Nation. A story of love and destiny, the Promise of Chang’an is a 2020 historical romance drama directed by Yin Tao.