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A respected designer in the world of fashion, Zhou Fang (Dilraba Dilmurat) has dedicated her life to her work. Known for her impeccable taste and commitment to quality, Zhou Fang has never done anything that might undermine her work or her reputation. So it comes as quite a shock when she suddenly finds herself caught in the middle of a commercial lawsuit with a man she hardly knows. The head of an e-commerce company, Song Li (Johnny Huang) has worked hard to get to where he is and he’s not about to let some ridiculous lawsuit bring him down. Face-to-face with Zhou Fang, Song Li realizes that the only way either of them are going to come out of this legal mess unscathed, is if they work together. Hard-headed and nearly always fighting, Zhou Fang and Song Li struggle to find common ground, but in the process of competing, they begin to hone each other into better versions of themselves. Unexpectedly inspired to take bold new steps in their respective careers, Zhou Fang and Song Li realize their dreams aren’t the only things to have changed. Somewhere along the way, they seem to have experienced a very drastic change of heart. But do such polar opposites really have a chance of finding true happiness together? Based on the novel, “Love is a Serious Matter” by Ai Xiaotu, “Love Designer” is a 2020 romantic drama directed by Shen Yang.