Guardians of the Ancient Oath

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In ancient times, a savage monster roamed the lands of men, leaving a trail of bloody devastation in his wake. Unstoppable in his destructive rampage, the world stood on the brink of utter ruin. Only after the Five Great Elements agreed to join forces, could they lock the demon away. However, Jiuying was not completely sealed away and was instead left to wander in the world of men for a thousand years. Unwilling to let his time on earth pass idly, Jiuying uses every means within his grasp to plot his return and have his revenge. A task made so much easier, thanks to the political unrest taking root in the You State.  Established by the Baili family, during the Wei and Jin Dynasties, the young You King (Karry Wang) will stop at nothing to secure his position. Ordering the beheading of the eldest son, Baili Hongxuan, the second son, Baili Hongshuo (Leo Wu), is sent into exile, and the adopted daughter of the family, Baili Hongyi (Song Zu Er), is rejected by the You people and sent back to the Wolf Tribe’s Khan, Ming Yefeng (Zheng Kai). With the Baili children out of the way, the You King is free to rule in peace. Or so he thinks. Consumed by hatred and driven by the desire for revenge, the Baili siblings set out on a quest to seek the help of the ancient gods and take back what is rightfully theirs. Seizing this golden opportunity, Jiuying joins with the Baili siblings to reincarnate himself as the Emperor of You. Now in a position of power, Jiuying begins his own quest to unleash the legendary monster once again. Can a family so driven by hate find a way to let go of the past and stop Jiuying before it’s too late or will the world fall into chaos once again? A tale of revenge and redemption, “Guardians of the Ancient Oath” is a 2020 action adventure fantasy drama directed by Hu Yao Zhi.